Let us introduce you to Window Barrier!

PRODUCT: Window Barrier is a Solar Film Window Tint that is scientifically designed to minimally change the tint of the window (unlike most window tints that darken the window) but still have all the protection of the darker tints. It has been lab tested to reject 58% of solar energy and block 99.9% of UV Rays from the Sun. Window Barrier delivers 7x the energy saving benefits per dollar spent compared with installing replacement windows. Keep your existing windows and install Window Barrier to help save on your heating or cooling bills. Please call us at 1-800-273-6080 with any questions. Window Barrier is great for keeping in the warmth in your home in Winter and also in summer for helping keep it cooler.

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When sunlight (incidental solar radiation) strikes glass three things can happen, each in varying degrees.

  1. The energy can be transmitted through the glass
  2. It can be reflected away from the glass.
  3. It can be absorbed by the glass.

The performance definition for each of these events is expressed as a percentage, which will total 100%. Let’s see what happens when sunlight strikes clear 1/8 inch glass without any film on it.

Originally designed by NASA to safeguard astronauts during their exploration of the harsh space environment, the technology that we incorporate into our radiant barriers is second to none. With its dual siding, it is a maintenance-free solution that will keep your home comfortable year round.

Adding insulating window films to your windows may help to dramatically reduce your heating bills in the winter and lower the cost to keep your house cool in the summer. Insulating films offer a year round benefit with the ability to reflect up to 70% of the sun’s heat in the summer and retain almost 64% of the heat in the winter months. Your utility bills will be affected in a positive way and the air conditioning won’t be running all summer. Another advantage to installing insulating window films is that they can block up to 99% of UV rays meaning there is less fading to your window treatments, interior furniture, and flooring (rugs, carpets, etc.). They work on single and double pane windows. Whether your home was built years ago or just completed, it’s not too late for you to enjoy the benefits of Green Energy Barrier and Window Film. Contact your local Green Energy Barrier dealer today for a complimentary consultation.

We have the best product to cut those heating bills in the Winter and reduce the cost to keep your house cool in the summer. Compare our window film by clicking the link below.

Before Window Barrier Solar Film

After Window Barrier Solar Film